--> PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT, So, after weeks of trying to work up the courage...
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So, after weeks of trying to work up the courage to post something it ends up being this. I’ve been planning for my first post to be of exquisite quality and absolutely gorgeous and professional looking…but I end up drawing this for myself and thinking that it’s so funny I might as well post it.

Don’t expect all my art to be crappy pencil stuff that I did the dialogue over in sharpie because it came out light once scanned :P

Excuses, huh? You can tell I’m being forced (maybe exploited, a little?) to share sketches.

Anyways, love Mass Effect a little too much. And today I noticed that there was a little something odd about the farewell Thane Krios bade to Niftu Cal (THE BIOTIC GOD!) on Illium

- R.

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