--> PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT, OH - A long time ago Emily had me doodle some...
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OH - A long time ago Emily had me doodle some Hogan’s Heroes for her buddy Belle. I did and never got around to, Idunno, tearing it out of my notebook or something. I feel like Lebeau and Newkirk would look a teensy bit different if I drew them now. But, what’s done is done :3

Side note: Belle is wicked nice, even though we’ve never formally conversed, and I look forward to confusing her with more Mass Effect in the future.



Because I can’t draw but I really wanted to do something nice for Bel, I manipulated  convinced Riah to do it for me. She’s never watched Hogan’s Heroes but I manipulated her convinced her that she could do it anyway. :)

So thanks Bel, for being such an amazing person! You’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had.

God I’m so manipulative


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    This is great :D I love Newkirk’s face, it’s so him!
  2. belphegor1982 said: Oooh, I LOVE this!! Thank you so much Mariah for drawing this and Em for “convincing” her :D It’s a great thing to come home to after work :o) Thank you both so much!!! (And, Em - right back at ya, mate :o])
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